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__ |__|__ __| | Related article: vulture face Madam Pince appeared around the corner, her sunken cheeks, her skin like parchment, and his long hooked nose illuminated unflatteringly by the lamp he carried. " The library is closed," he said, "Mind you return everything you have given to the right - n what have you done with this book, depraved child " \\ \\ n "is the library 's mine! " said Harry quickly, your copy of Advanced potion snatched from the table, dropping a hand like a claw. "spoiled " she hissed. " Embarrassed, dirty ! " "There is only one book written about now!" Said Harry, pulling them out of their grip. looked like it might be an attack, Hermione, who had hastily packed his things Harry Frogmarched grabbed his arm and led him away. " will take you to the ban from the library if you're not careful. Why n this stupid book ? " N "It's not my fault that Hermione is barking mad. Or think it meansheard rude to Filch ? I always thought it might be something among them... " " Ah, ha, ha. " enjoy the fact that they have returned to normal speech, she addressed back along the deserted corridors lit in the community room, with the argument n anto w o Filch and Madam Pince not secretly in love with each other. " bullets," said Harry, Lunesta the Fat Lady, this being the new password, festive. " Same to you," said fat lady with a mischievous smile, and she waved to the s admit it. " Hello, Harry!. " Romilda Vane said when he climbed through the portrait hole was " Fancy a gillywater " is Hermione will " - which was - I - -. says That " look over the Lunesta shoulder " No thanks, "said Harry quickly. " I do not like. " " Well, take it anyway, "said Romilda, pushed a box in his hands. " boiler chocolate, whiskey have fire in them. My grandmother sent me, , but do not like. " " Oh - well - thank you very much. "Said Harry, whoI did not know what to say. " He - I 'm just going here... " He hurried behind Hermione, his voice tailing off slightly. "I told you," Hermione said succinctly: " The sooner you ask someone who used to be s all you can and leave it alone -" But his face suddnly is white, which was only discovered Ron and Lavender n i were in the same chair ntertwined.
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